Raspberry Ultra Drops Facebook Scam

Has any of your friend posted a status message that looks more like an advert promoting Raspberry Ultra Drops? Then your friend’s facebook account is likely compromised by a rogue application that causes his or her account to post spammy messages.

How to Deal with the Raspberry Ultra Trim Scam

Here are the things that you should do if your Facebook account is auto posting and sending  the Raspberry Ultra Drops Facebook scam message that looks like the one below:

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  1. Change your password as soon as possible.
  2. Review applications you use. Go to Privacy settings > Ads, Apps and Websites > Edit Settings and click the x mark to remove the suspicious app. If you do not know which app to remove, try to remember the app that you may have used or granted permission before your account started posting the Raspberry messages. 
  3. Remove all your spammy posts in your wall or your friends’ walls.


  1. I’ve been seeing these posts by 3 or 4 of my fb friends. I assume they’ve been phished. It’s really annoying to see these posts everyday.

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