Phil Collins Dies in Car Crash

Is It True that Phil Collins Died?
Internet scams and hoax stories, for how many times, have already killed albeit virtually many celebrities and the apparent new victim is the English singer-songwriter Phil Collins. The singer is the voice behind hits that include You’ll Be in My Heart, In the Air Tonight, Another Day in Paradise and Against All Odds.

If you see messages spreading in social networks particularly in Facebook that claims Phil Collins died in a car crash, please do not hit the share button. Phil Collins is well and alive and messages that say otherwise are a hoax.

Why Would People Spread False Rumors in the Internet?
Profit-driven scammers often spread malicious and often false news in the internet. Some hoax messages are spread to lure people to visit adsense and survey monetized websites where massive traffic is needed to make more money.

What should You Do?
Always google for more information whenever you see news story such as a death of a celebrity in your favorite social network. The chances are high that you have just gotten a viral hoax news. If you see a hoax story on Facebook, mark it as spam.

It also helps to inform your friends that the “Phil Collins Dies in Car Crash” news is a hoax, Share this article on Facebook.

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