Watch what happens when forgets to turn off your kamera

If you happen to have seen a posting of what looks like a video about “Watch what happens when forgets to turn off your kamera” shared by a friend in Facebook, please refrain from clicking on this link, liking it or sharing as this is likely yet another scam spreading on Facebook.

What You Should Do
Most Facebook scams contain intriguing and inviting messages to lure people into clicking out the link given. People would even answer surveys or provide personal information supposedly so they can watch an interesting vidoe shared by a friend on Facebook. Do not fall to these scams.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Mark such messages as spam. Once you see this message on a friend’s wall or even in your wall, make sure to report the posting to Facebook. Simply go to the arrow down or x mark beside the post and click the “report as spam” text.

2. If the message automates posting of the spammy message on your friends’ wall, make sure to check the latest facebook application that you have provided access to your account account and remove from your apps. To do this go to HOME and then ACCOUNT SETTINGS and click the x mark beside the suspicious application.

2. Tell your friends about this video scam by sharing this post on Facebook.

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