Eminem Stabbed by Crazed Fan outside LA Nightclub

As it appears, scammers recycle the hoax news and scams that they spread on Facebook by changing the names of the subject i.e celebrities and using the same “tragedy” plot.

EMINEM Stabbed By Crazed Fan Outside LA Nightclub

After many Justin Bieber fans were fooled about a fake stabbing incident, a newer twist to the scam emerged on Facebook. This time, it tells of the famous rapper Eminem beaten and stabbed outside Detroit night club. Here is the hoax news as it appears on Facebook posts:

EMINEM STABBED By CRAZED Fan Outside L.A. NightClub!
– OMG! NOOOO! Could YOU Even Imagine?!?

Be aware that this Eminem stabbing incident news is a hoax so do not help scammers spread this message. The best way to do this is by marking the posts as spam and not resharing the news via your timeline.

Hoax news online are often spread by scammers to get people to answer surveys and provide their personal information.


  1. Shits fake… Losers.

  2. Helena Ruiz says:

    stfu u wouldn't know cuz u ain't eminem.

  3. Scam losers

  4. scammers gotta love 'em.

  5. It’s def a fake, it’s nowhere on the net except for this. If it really happened it would be all over every website….

  6. Destiny Jo Hanning says:

    its all fake… s stupid

  7. Sophie Marie Manners says:

    Sean Robert Stevens she's proving a point at how stupid&gullible Helena is to believe this crap. If he was really stabbed it would be all over the news. Get real.

  8. This is fake, though it happened to someone and it’s sick.

  9. wow i love how people scamm just to get money (sarcasim) smh its a shame :/

  10. i do,t know but is look like fake.

  11. Scammers suck ass, why not target the corporate corruption worldwide and leave regular folks alone… losers

  12. Thats why your broke says:

    Some call it scamming some call it smart marketing,what is the difference between a alleged scammer trying to take your money or a major corporation? There is none. Most of these scammers are not asking for money anyway they want you to fill out offers that ask for your email that they receive commissions for.They make up stories like these to drive traffic to their offers,I would blame the people who fall for it.

  13. Sophie Marie Manners Exactly right Sophie! You are completely right, it would be all over T.V not just Facebook! That's the smartest and most intelligent comment i've seen thus far!!!

  14. Its a scam eminum did not get stapped

  15. Wow. That’s crap if it was true you’d see news reports radio broadcasts. People need to stop scamming and focus on the real world and stop being low life idiots. Come on people.

  16. Jade Stan Whitaker says:

    Eminem beaten and stabbed why would people lie about something like that! sick sad people.

  17. The whole eminme stabbing is fake look it up on the web

  18. Kaitlin Ritter says:

    I’m pretty sure as badass as Eminem is, he wouldn’t get the shit kicked out of him AND get stabbed outside of a bar… -_-

  19. Scammers are crappy,its a wrong thing to do….sad!

  20. how sic to come up with a scam like that…

  21. hannah beayon says:

    scam its not true i am following him on twitter and he followed me and messages me so back off

  22. thank god its fake i hate it when people do this because i know its fake but theres this feeling that what if its not fake people ALWAYS say he died and stuff like that…i dont know what i would do if he died :”(

  23. rofl Hannah really you sure its him lol he is a pretty busy man to sit on tweeter and message you might wanna recheck who you are really talking to

  24. i already figured this crap out people put that on your Facebook so it will draw your attention i know i get a lot of bs on my Facebook i delete them morons you wanna know the real truth watch news if it isn’t on news guess what it isn’t true

  25. What’s really entertaining is that you are all still talking about it regardless of the fact that we have come still to the conclusion that it is fake

  26. seriously people, this would be on the news if it were true. If your computer is protected it wont even allow you to click the link, it warns you its a bad site. The only place you here of this is facebook, get off of facebook and watch the news!

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