You Will Lose All Respect For RIHANNA After Watching This Video

Rihanna Facebook VirusSeveral celebrity scams are spreading in Facebook right now. Subjects of these facebook video scams are often actresses and singers who are popular and controversial: Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. You may have seen people posting what appears to be a video of Rihanna making out with someone but this is actually yet another bait to make people fill out online surveys.

Here’s the spammy and malicious message spreading in Facebook:

I lost all respect for Rihanna after watching this video.
OMG! I Lost ALL Respect For Rihanna After Watching This Video! SHARE The Video To Watch!

Rihanna And Hayden Panettiere Video
Clicking the supposed video may cause your system to show adverts from a fake apple security center.

another version of this spammy post is this:

WOW – You Will hate RIHANNA after watching this video!
You Will Lose All Respect For RIHANNA After Watching This.

OMG – You will lose all respect RIHANNA after watching this video!
RIRI is gone MADD!!

SICK – I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video
you will lost your all respect for RIHANNA after watching this

Celebrity fans and avid followers should therefore be on the lookout for these types of messages spreading on Facebook. Upon clicking on these wall posts, you will be prompted to share the message on your wall supposedly so you can view the Rihanna video. Unfortunately, you won’t, you will end up doing surveys and making money for the scammers behind this Facebook scam.

How to Stop the Rihanna Facebook Scam from Spreading

The wall post is spreading like a virus and you must do your part to protect your friends.
1. NEVER reshare the wall post/video. Instead, mark the message as spam. Here’s how you do it:


2. Warn your friends to be cautious of these celebrity video scams by sharing this post on your Facebook or twitter.


  1. كريم محمد سعد says:

    you will hate her.

  2. Ruth Stephani Panjaitan says:

    Friends, beware of all the viruses and scams on facebook.

  3. Eder Raul Cañedo Leal says:

    only was a spam?

  4. Janine Ierullo says:

    I clicked on the name of the link and opened a fake page of facebook, but that was all cause i thought it was really weird, you think i got the virus?

  5. yikes is this real?

  6. You gay's don't have much to do…sent as SPAM. Bullshit

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