How to Stop Sending Chatsend Spam

If you are one of the Facebook users who have downloaded the Chatsend application, you may notice the shady behavior of this application. Numerous Facebook users already complain that after installing chatsend, their account starts to send automated messages and chat to their friends. These messages often contain link that link to a download page of the chatsend application.

… installiert FileSend um Dateien mit Facebook-Chat zu senden. #218956

What is Chatsend?

According to the ChatSend website, the application

“creates advanced, innovative technologies to efficiently deliver large files across the Internet. Our innovative clientless peer to peer file sending platform, enable us to vitualy send files without having the cost of heavy infrustructure, thus we provide the service for FREE “.

Their main products are ChatSend Social which supposedly allow users to send files in an integrated way with Social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+; and ChatSend Desktop Manager.

Although Facebook has already blocked the malicious page, users who downloaded the application are still sending the spammy messages and links. To stop sending chatsend spam from your account, you must therefore remove chatsend. The following guide provides information on how to remove chatsend:

Delete Chatsend from Firefox

1.Go to Tools or press Alt + T

2.Click Add-ons

chatvibes remove

3.Choose Extensions
4.Find Chatsend toolbar

1. Click on the settings button [top right corner next to the bookmark icon]
2. select tools from the dropdown menu, then select extensions
3. Look for Chatsend and remove it.

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  1. My Fb is sending these stupid chatsends, but I don't have chatsend in my toolbar.. So how do I do then? :)

  2. thanks a lot it was a storm…thanks again fo the help

  3. i dont find chatsend in the add-ons. could it be chatphone?!!!!. i dont guess so. its workin but i cannot find it anywhere…

  4. Had the same, every time I started FB, there were hundreds of messages going out, why isn't it possible to stop this kind of spam?

  5. Simply Click on the link at Chrome with Tool Panel to un-instil or disable this content….

  6. Christeen Alcantara says:

    thanks! but it's still there… and everytime I want to chat with someone or someone wants to chat with me, a security pop up comes out and I need to type in the security codes! why is that? pls help! thanks!

  7. I was uninstall chatsend, but messages still coming, what I should do???


  9. Rebaz Jamal says:

    thanks a lot it was a storm…thanks again fo the help.

  10. Thanks, good idea.

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