Facebook Lottery: Is It Real?

Facebook lottery winner? Online scammers do a variety of tricks to victimize computer users. Lately, a lottery scam is being distributed targeting users of the social network Facebook. Online lottery winnings is not a new scheme employed by scammers. Unfortunately, many people still fall to this type of deceit.

Facebook Lottery: Is It Real?
Straight answer: no. If you receive the following message, delete it because it is an attempt to scam you. Sorry to disappoint but there is no such thing as Facebook Lottery.

Dear Esteemed Winner,

We congratulate you.

We are pleased to notify you that you are amongst the 10 Lucky Winners whom where randomly selected in our first ever Facebook 2011 Lottery Draw held on Monday, the 26th of September, 2011. Your have won the sum of $1,000,000.00 USD (One million united states dollars) at our 2nd Jackpot category.
Please be advised to immediately file in for claim with a valid evidence of identification for clarification purpose so as to avoid a third party claim as we’ll not be accountable under such condition.

For claim, please call your Facebook Claim Administrator with your winning batch number: FBL2011-2ND/JPC26 to have your Winning claimed.

James Haggie
Facebook Claim Administrator. (FBCA)
Tel: +447045794951

Email: fb_jhaggiee@blumail.org

Facebook Lottery Board (FLB).

On behalf of the entire Facebook Staff, we congratulate you.


It’s quite amusing to believe you have won a Facebook lottery when you have not joined in any lottery promising to pay winners millions in prizes.

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  1. its not real

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