Get Free Starbucks Vouchers

Love coffee especially Starbucks? Don’t fall to the free Starbucks voucher scam currently being circulated on Facebook.You should also be cautious if you get event invites to eceive $100 Starbucks Gift Card for FREE (Official)

free coffee gift card from starbucks (limited time only!)

The Starbucks voucher scam
The Free Starbucks Vouchers give away is yet another spinoff of the Outback Steakhouse free gift coupon and Tim Hortons’ gift card scams that were distributed in the social network earlier. Here’s how the message spreads through Facebook:

Free Gift Card from Starbucks (Limited Time Only!)
Celebrate 40 Years to Starbucks, Get a $50 GIFTCARD! (limited time only)
Starbucks is celebrating 40 years and giving away $50 giftcards to all facebook users!

Starbucks is currently giving away $100 gift cards
Get FREE Starbucks Vouchers – With a value of $100

To celebrate 40 years of Starbucks, we are giving away
thousands of $100 Gift Vouchers FREE –

The link may vary and the price can also change to $50.

By using free Starbucks Vouchers/ 40 year anniversary Starbucks coupons as bait, scammers behind this bogus offer can lure non suspecting Facebook users to reshare, repost or post comments on this Facebook message scam so it spreads more rapidly in the social network. Those who clicked on the link are prompted to answer surveys supposedly to get the free Starbucks coffee voucher. Do not fall for this. Only the scammers can benefit when you answer those sponsor offers. You will not get free Starbucks coffee or vouchers or gift cards when you view or answer surveys presented by this Free Starbucks Vouchers Facebook scam.

Things to Remember and Removal of the Starbucks Facebook Spam

1. The FREE Starbucks Vouchers is a bogus offer. Do not report or reshare to stop this scam from spreading in your network.

2. Report “Get Free Starbucks Vouchers” messages as spam. Click the x mark beside the post and report as spam. The image below shows how to remove Get Free Starbucks Vouchers spam from your wall:

facebook hoaxes starbucks

3. Share this post on Facebook and inform your friends not to fall for free Starbucks offered on Facebook.


  1. The OUTBACK, STARBUCKS, etc. v"vouchers" are SCAMS! Do not click on the links!

  2. Caleb Yong says:

    Starbucks free gift cards are scams… don't fall for it.

  3. I knew it was fake when it said that your reward depended on how many people you invite: These apps probably HAVe no way of tracking that, thus said claim was a hoax — see also:

  4. Melissa Addison says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE ad. Remember if it is too good to be – it is. Do not click on this link.

  5. Kozy Scott says:


  6. How is it that this scam was able to post on my behalf?

  7. milton brewster says:

    Really, facebook. How are scam artists able to access our accounts without our permission?

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