How to Remove Facecons

facecons remove
Facebook has undoubtedly become the most successful and most popular social networking site to date. Unfortunately and despite its success, there are several features and applications that people want but Facebook has either failed to offer or intended not to provide. These include features that allow users to know who viewed their profile (remember Friendster?), dislike buttons and smileys/ emojis or emoticons.*

This is where third party applications come in. Developers provide tools that allow people to use features that are not readily available on Facebook. This is also the reason why people who want to use emoticons download the facecon program. Facecons is a toolbar/ browser add on used for adding emoticons on social networking sites such as Facebook. You can use facecons, for example, to add emoticons to your chat.

Third party applications such as Facecons and Facemoods are being used by Facebook users so they can use the popular emoticons or smileys when chatting on Facebook.

If you are not satisfied with facecons however or you are not comfortable using facecon when chatting on facebook because you are spamming your friends with the ” [facecons] i’m using to send cool emoticons” message, you may want to consider to uninstall facecons.

Follow the guide below on how to remove facecons

1. Go to “Control Panel”

2. Click on the add remove programs or Uninstall a program on windows 7

3. Find Facecons on the list of installed progarms

4.Double click on facecons and click on the remove button.

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