Get a Free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card!

The free 250 olive garden gift card scam
The Free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card is another bogus offer on Facebook. With the promise of giving away an Olive Garden voucher worth $250 dollars, this particular offer lures facebook users to complete surveys (aka reward offers) and repost any of the following messages on their wall:*

I love Olive garden I would love to eat there never in my life have I ate there yet but I do know there line;s be crazy long….now send me my gift card thank u.

Get 2 free olive garden meals for the week!! limited time only!

Get a Free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card!
Get a free $250 olive garden gift card now!

“olive garden is the best”
Two free olive garden vouchers
Olive garden is currently giving away dinners for two for a week

Olive Garden Gift Card

This Free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card! facebook scam is just a spinoff of the FREE Southwest Airline Tickets, $100 Pizzahut Gift Card and Facebook’s 7th Anniversary t-shirt give aways scams. Do not be misled by this offer. By clicking on the links, you will likely be bombarded by surveys and prompted to provide personal information such as your address, email, phone numbers and birthday which can be used by scammers to spam or scam you.

What to Do

Here are some of the things to remember and do once you see this message posted by one of your facebook friends:

1. Do not repost the message or click on any link of this facebook message promising to give you a free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card.

2. Report the post olive garden facebook scam as spam. To do this, click the dropdown arrow mark beside the Free $250 Olive Garden Gift Card post and click report story or spam.

3. Share this post to your friends and let them know that this particular message is a facebook scam:


  1. angela tavarez says:

    Olive Garden is the best!

  2. angela tavarez says:

    Olive Garden is the best!

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