How to Revert Back from Facebook Timeline

Did you try the new Facebook timeline out of curiosity and now you want to know how to revert back to the old Facebook layout? This article provides information on how to disable facebook timeline. Follow the illustrated & step by step guide below on how to go back to old facebook from timeline. Do note that this instruction on how to revert from timeline only applies to those who got the timeline by creating a facebook application with facebook developer account and enabled the Open Graph features.*

How to Disable Facebook Timeline

Log in to your facebook and go to the Facebook Apps page here. For your ease, you can refer to the images below for your illustrated guide on how to remove timeline application.

1. Find and click the application you created for the facebook timeline at the left hand navigation menu

2. Click “Edit App” at the right hand corner of your screen.
remove timeline facebook

3. Find and click the “Delete app” link at the left side of your screen.

remove timeline on facebook

4. A popup appears asking you to confirm if you are sure to delete the application. Click confirm.

remove timeline from facebook

5. Go back to your profile page. You should see your old facebook profile layout.

While in our opinion the new facebook profile layout is aesthetically better, there are several reasons why some users who tested this feature do not want the Facebook Timeline. For one, some of your friends may not be able to see your new profile layout and you may have difficulty navigating through your new profile.

* This article was written in September 2011 back when users have the option to test timeline. This article was intended for these particular Facebook users (e.g those who TRIED timeline by creating a facebook app with a facebook developer account and enabled the open graph features).

As of January 2012, Facebook announced that it will be replacing the old profile with the Facebook timeline. There’s likely no going back once your profile reverts to Facebook timeline.

Nonetheless, we have made clear early on that the instruction below only applies to “those who got the timeline by creating a facebook application with facebook developer account and enabled the Open Graph features”. We hope this clears out things especially for readers like Angel withoutwings who have not understood that this article was intended for timeline testers.



  1. woow that kool thanks for the info n thanks Prajwala Gottu for sharing.

  2. woow that kool thanks for the info n thanks Prajwala Gottu for sharing.

  3. did u get back rajj?

  4. yuppy got it prajjj ..

  5. リアル ビンス says:

    dude, I already deleted all my apps but it seems it's not working.,.

    need feedback.,. thanks!

  6. I deleted the app I created and it still isn't working. I'm still seeing the timeline when I go to my profile.

  7. same concern here dude. it sucks

  8. Vince Anthony Real says:

    Bryan Toledo

    i don't like that timeline

  9. Vince Anthony Real says:

    me too.,.

  10. Vince Anthony Real yea me too. i cant revert or go back to old profile

  11. cn anyone tell me hw to go back to previous fb…i tried this bt nt abe do tht

  12. Vicky Dictado says:

    same here, still the same..:((.

  13. I cant seem to locate the app for me to delete. pls advise.

  14. i have the same problem. I cant see anything:S

  15. me too …. hate that timelife !!

  16. Vince Anthony Real says:

    Kirsten de Haan

    how to desable this?

  17. Vince Anthony Real I have no idea, it has failed me too !
    I've read that you can not get it away, everyone will get this on facebook…

  18. Laura Sarah Ampe says:

    I cant seem to locate the app for me to delete. Help?

  19. I cant edit any Apps because I dont have any??! Can anyone help me?! I HATE this timeline

  20. De Clercq Bieke says:

    I can't find the button 'Edit app' .. Feedback!

  21. Dani Renkien says:

    I did it…but it's still there also al my privacy settings are now gone…and I can't change them back to as I want it eigther…(better not express how I feel about this)… ;(

  22. cant access my old profile look.

  23. I cant find any application active.

  24. I can't find the "edit app" anywhere!!! who can help me? i want the timeline gone! it disturbs me that it's on my profile!!!

  25. Shanta Booker says:


  26. renard margo says:

    ik wil fecebook tijdlijn uitzetten

  27. Clementina Rdz Vance says:

    this sucks I hate timeline…….

  28. Steven Zahuranec says:

    Facebook forced me to switch to timeline and I hate it! Can anyone help?

  29. Angel Withoutwings says:

    this doesn't work. the pictures you show doesn't even exist. clicked on your link and it added a damn app. when you really figure it out let me know.

  30. Angel Withoutwings says:

    Just seen the name of your site scameo. yep its a scam.

  31. Angel Withoutwings says:

    this is a scam. hell the name of the sight is scameo.

  32. Timeline is like cancer. I like FB(cigs) but I don't want timeline(the cancer).

  33. Inadvertently clicked an app that requires timeline and I now have a timeline profile against my will. Hate it(:(:(:

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