i Phone5 Price, Features and Pictures

A few months ago, scammers released clickjacking messages on facebook about the first exposure of the iPhone 5g. This was followed (or released together with) similar i phone5 offers, giveaways and iphone5 tester scams.

what iphone 5 looks like

Apple has evidently created a cult, even scammers know the excitement over the anticipated i phone5 can lure facebookers into clicking fake and deceptive offers. These iphone5 facebook scams lead to fake survey sites or links that may install trojans and viruses into computers. This article digs deeper into this much anticipated i device.

Macrumors.com commissioned a professional set of mockup images of the iphone 5 based on leaked design specifications. Here are some of the images (photos by Macrumors.com):

i phone5

iphone5 image

iphone5 pictures

What will make the iphone 5 different from its predecessor? The features of iphone 5 will only be known when it is officially released by Apple. Nevertheless, numerous speculations on its features already abound in the web. According to thetechlabs.com, some of the the upcoming iphone features may include:

A5 processor chip. This same chip that powers the ipad 2 is may increase the processing speed of the new iphone

Higher resolution camera. Iphone 5 may have rear-facing 8MP dual-LED flash camera and a 3D camera.

iCloud service

The new iphone 5 may have the same price as the iphone 4 when the latter was first released but no official iphone 5 price has yet been revealed.


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