This is What Happend to His Ex GirlFriend!

These messages appear to be viral videos spread on Facebook:

Wow watch what happened to his ex girlfriend
OMG! Look what he did to get revenge on his ex-GF!

Wow.. he got the best revenge on his Ex Girlfriend! I cant believe this actually happened to his ex-girlfriend.

omg this is what happend to his ex girlfriend!
[Video] This is what Happend to his Ex GirlFriend!
Play Video! She could not walk properly for days!

Thls ls what happens when ex GF forgets to turn her webcam off.
Boyfriend revenge on EX girlfriend. See the full Video.

Nevertheless, the above messages are facebook video scams. Like most facebook spam messages, they are characterized by tabloid-like catchy subjects to entice facebook users to click on the video or the link attached. The landing pages will likely bombard you with survey ads. It is also possible that you will be prompted to install a program supposedly so you can view the video or images. These are actually rogue programs. What you actually install or download are viruses and malwares that can compromise the security of your computer

Advise your friends not to click on these messages. Once you click on those spammy wall posts, it is likely that you too will start, though involuntarily, to post the same message on your wall or your friends’ walls. In such case, you may want to follow the guide below to stop this facebook scam from spreading:

    • Find and click the x mark beside the spammy post in your wall to report it as spam, remove the application or revoke publishing rights.

    • Remove this malicious facebook scam application via your account’s settings:
    • Go to the the Privacy Settings page
    • Click on ‘Edit Your Settings’ under Apps and Websites.
    • In the ‘Apps You Use’ section, locate the facebook spam application
    • Click on ‘Edit Settings’ and remove all unwanted and malicious facebook apps.

facebook spam removal

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